Cynthia Simonetta

I am a photographer and producer from Brazil. I Moved to the US and lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York where I graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology. During this time I interned at Vogue Magazine in their photo department in New York City.

I've been working with photography and film making for over 15 years. I set up a creative production company in Brasil called Tresoitavos and worked with several commercial projects, both photo and video for the last five years.  I am currently based in Cresskill, New Jersey, where I live with my husband, my three beautiful children and our dog. 


Directed and produced Best Video Art in the 2000 Vitoria Cine Festival

Production Best commercial ad in 2013 Show Up Media&Mensagem Award

Production Best Documentary Video in 2013 Vitoria Cine Festival